Basic Tune Up


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Our standard service. Every component, bolt, link and tooth is inspected. The brakes and drivetrain are adjusted. The wheels get once-over. The perfect tune-up for race-day or a long weekend. 


Deluxe Tune Up


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Our premium service package. The drivetrain is stripped, soaked, scrubbed and lubricated. The frame gets a wash and a polish. The wheels get a full truing. For when your bike deserves a little more.


Complete Overhaul


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The works. The bike is stripped down to the frame. Everything, and we mean everything, gets cleaned, lubed and overhauled. New cables and housings are installed. Your bike will feel better than brand new.



Need a wheel rebuilt, a tubular glued, a new groupset installed or just need the help of a talented bike mechanic? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to work with you on your special project—big or small.